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Unit B2, Beecham Industrial Estate, Atherstone on Stour, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 8DX

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Game Rearing Sheds, Poultry Huts and Dog Kennel Manufacturers in the UK

Country Carpentry Game Supplies is a family-run business that specialises in the manufacture of dog kennels and  game rearing sheds. Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire we’ve built up an enviable reputation based on the high-quality workmanship and quality of our sheds, huts, shelters and kennels. Established in 1975 by founder Peter Clifford, we serve customers throughout the whole of the UK and are happy to deal with private and commercial clients. From farmers and estate owners to gamekeepers and homeowners, we’ve worked with customers all over the UK.

Known in the industry for designing and manufacturing the ‘Clifford Rearing Sheds’. From partridges to pheasants our game rearing sheds are designed for the unique demands of rearing game and feature a slanted corrugated tin roof to aid the run off of water. Built around a sturdy metal frame these custom made sheds are clad using Scandinavian WISA-spruce ply for added durability. All timbers are treated to help improve lifespan and fixing and hinges are galvanised with a zinc coating for the same reasons. Choose from models with an internal or external night shelter and simply tell us what size you require, and we’ll manufacture it to your specifications.

It’s not just game birds that can be reared in our sheds as we also manufacture poultry sheds for breeding and rearing chickens and turkeys. Like our game rearing sheds, all of our poultry sheds and shelters can be built to your unique requirements so just get in touch with our team today on 07974403347 to see how we can help.

24ftX18ft Clifford Rearing Shed with attached night shelter. Corrugated Tin roofing, Wire partition with easy access door, 2inch x 2inch metal frame work that is portable by telehandler.

24ftx18ft Clifford Rearing Shed with internal night shelter, designed with slanted corrugated tin roofing that provides precipitation run off to avoid water logging field sections.

Experience optimal partridge rearing with our 12ftX12ft Brooder hut and attached night shelter. Designed for comfort and durability, the hut features 2×2 planed CLS treated timber frames, 9mm wisa spruce ply cladding, and a 3-board high night shelter. Ideal for 800/1000 bird units, our design ensures longevity using 18 gauge wire and monarflex. Enjoy easy access with a 12 ft pophole and 45” wide doors. 

8×8 brooder hut and attached night shelters available on request, please contact directly for quotation. 

Partridge veranda’s available on request, please contact directly for quotation. 

Upgrade your pen setup effortlessly with our Pen Sections, designed for durability and convenience. Crafted from premium 2 inch X 1 inch treated Scandinavian timber, these sections ensure lasting quality. With high-grade 18 gauge wire, perfect for partridge rearing, and two bottom boards included, our 10ft X 5ft size sections start at just £35. Opt for added accessibility with the gate option at £40, and expand as needed with extra boards for only £4.50 each. Pop hole sections also available at £40. Elevate your partridge rearing game affordably with our Pen Sections. All prices listed exclude VAT and delivery costs. Please contact us directly for quotations. 

Experience ultimate pet comfort with our dog kennels, measuring 4ft x 5ft with a 6ft run. Fully insulated as standard and durably crafted, featuring 9mm wisa spruce plywood interior and EX 16mm shiplap timber exterior. Roofs are covered with a choice of  green box profile tin or heavy-duty green mineral felt, while PVC curtains provide privacy. Choose between standard flooring or non-slip phenolic flooring for easy cleaning. Elevate your pet’s space today and contact us for quotation.