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Rearing Sheds

Rearing Sheds

We have 2 designs to choose from, please select below

Discover top-quality rearing sheds for game birds in the UK. Choose from our two exclusive designs tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you opt for the external night shelter or the internal night shelter design, our 24ftX18ft sheds offer unparalleled features for optimal rearing, breeding, and shooting experiences.

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External Night Shelter

24ftX18ft attached night shelter. Corrugated Tin roofing, Wire partition with easy access door, 2inch x 2inch metal frame work that is portable by telehandler.
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Internal Night Shelter

Designed with slanted corrugated tin roofing that provides precipitation run off to avoid water logging field sections.

What are the key features of the game rearing sheds with an external night shelter?

The large game rearing shed with an external night shelter offers a 24ftX18ft structure with corrugated tin roofing, a wire partition featuring an easy access door, and a portable 2inch x 2inch metal frame, ensuring mobility with a telehandler.

How does the internal night shelter design differ from the external one?

The internal night shelter design focuses on a 24ftX18ft structure with slanted corrugated tin roofing, optimizing precipitation runoff and preventing waterlogging in field sections.

Can the sheds be easily relocated?

Yes, both designs feature portability, with the external night shelter design specifically mentioning a 2inch x 2inch metal frame that can be moved using a telehandler.

What is the purpose of the wire partition in the external night shelter design?

The wire partition in the external night shelter design provides a designated space and includes an easy access door for convenience.

Are these sheds suitable for game bird rearing, breeding, and shooting?

Absolutely. Both designs are meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of game bird enthusiasts, offering optimal conditions for rearing, breeding, and shooting activities.